OHYES! Video Series

This video series provides information and resources for schools and communities on using the Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey, or OHYES!. Video #1 is an introduction to OHYES!. Video #2 provides information on how communities can become OHYES! champions. Video #3 helps prepare district and school personnel to plan for and implement the OHYES!. Video #4 explains how to secure informed consent for the survey. Video #5 shows users how to select OHYES! reports that best meet their needs and how to access OHYES! Public Access Reports. Video #6 explains how superintendents and/or principals can request district- and building-level OHYES! reports and access a database containing district- and building-level data. Video #7 explains how to read and interpret tables in OHYES! reports and data. Video #8 shows how to access and use the OHYES! Public Access Database, including how to run analyses that can complement the standard OHYES! reports.


Video 1

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1. The Ohio Health Youth Environments Survey (OHYES!)

This video provides basic information about the Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey, or OHYES! which is a voluntary survey that collects data from Ohio students in grades 7 through 12 on topics related to adolescent health.

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Video 2

Click the image above or go to Become an OHYES! Champion to view the video.

2. Working with Schools on OHYES! Implementation

This video provides information on how community members can become OHYES! Champions who can advocate for and collaborate with schools to implement OHYES!

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Video 3

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3. OHYES! Survey Implementation Basics

This video describes the roles district and school level personnel (Superintendents, Principals, and others) play in preparing for and implementing the OHYES! survey. Key steps in survey preparation and implementation are described.

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Video 4

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4. OHYES! Consent and Confidentiality

This video describes how schools administering the OHYES! survey can take steps to reduce potential harms to participating students by securing informed consent. Steps to reduce the risk of harm are described in detail.

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Video 5

Click the image above or go to Accessing OHYES! Public Reports to view the video.

5. Accessing OHYES! Public Access Reports

This video describes how users can select the best report to meet their information needs. The video also shows users how to use OHYES! reports that are accessible to the public.

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Video 6

Click the image above or go to OHYES! Results for Superintendents and Principals to view the video.

6. For Superintendents and Principals: Accessing Reports and Data

This video explains that district-level and school-level data from OHYES! are private. The video also shows how superintendents and principals can access reports and data about their districts and schools.

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  • Database Manual: Coming soon

Video 7

Click the image above or go to Understanding OHYES! Data Tables to view the video.

7. How to Interpret Survey Data Tables

This video describes what survey data tables include, how to access the tables through the OHYES! website, and how to interpret the results that the tables contain.

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Video 8

Click on the image above or go to Using the OHYES! Public Access Database to view the video.

8. Creating Simple Tables and Multi-way Tables Using the OHYES! Public Access Database

This video helps users learn about the OHYES! Public Access Database, which is a key tool to help schools and communities use the OHYES! data. The video describes how to create simple tables using the database and how to create more complex (multiway) tables.

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