OHYES! Roles and Descriptions

School District Superintendent

The Superintendent is central to a successful OHYES! As a result of participating, the community will gain important and useful student health and behavioral health data. Superintendents’ contribute by:

  • Enroll your schools to participate using the link provided by email.*
  • Partnering with principals to choose which schools and grades will participate
  • Determining which version of the survey will be administered in each school
  • Sharing the importance of the survey and seeking support from a broad range of stakeholders including teachers, board members, and other key stakeholders
  • Exploring strategies for using the results

*If Superintendents do not complete enrollment, Principals will have the option to select grades and survey versions. For nonpublic schools without a Superintendent, the School Principal will serve in this important role.

School Principals

Principals can be the survey’s best ally by:

  • Complete your school's registration to participate in OHYES! by using the emailed link.
  • Championing the survey with students, staff and parents
  • Appointing a School Survey Coordinator and Backup Coordinator

School Survey Coordinators

Responsibilities may include:

  • Coordinating with school technology staff
  • Appointing Survey Assistants (recommended)
  • Developing the school’s survey administration schedule
  • Ensuring parent/guardian notification occurs according to requirements (3 weeks minimum, by 2 methods).
  • Managing Opt Out form retruned/emailed
  • Reviewing administration and confidentiality processes with assistants
  • Reporting confidentiality problems to the state at

School Technology Staff

This person should ensure computers or other devices are compatible with the technology requirements.