Administering the survey 

Planning the Administration

Step 1. Select Survey Administrators 

Survey administrators, or proctors, must be chosen. It may be most convenient to use teachers to administer the survey, however, if students feel more comfortable—and will be more likely to provide honest and complete responses—other staff can proctor.

One option is for teachers to administer the survey in a classroom other than their own. Other appropriate school staff to administer the survey may include health education program staff, administrators, guidance counselors, nurses, or teacher aides. These decisions will depend on your school’s computer and staffing resources.

Step 2. Answer Student Concerns

Make arrangements for school staff, such as guidance counselors or health/prevention specialists, to be available to answer students’ questions. Be sure everyone knows who to ask. This is a necessary procedure to reduce potential risks to students from taking the survey.

Step 3. Train Teachers/Survey Administrators

We hope it is easy for you to get enthusiastic support. The survey instructions and materials are designed to make the survey process easy. Some may want to distribute materials, while others may have a coordination meeting.

You will want to review with your OHYES! survey team:

  • Any room/computer setup issues
  • The Protecting Student Confidentiality and Anonymity page
  • The name(s) of the person students should contact if they have questions
  • The survey administration schedule
  • The instructions to administer the online survey including reading the Introductory Script

Step 4. Conduct a Technology Check-up

Have school technology staff check that school computers meet technology requirements:

  • The electronic survey is a web based application.  The application can be accessed with an active internet connection and a compatible browser. OHYES! desktop browser recommendations in order of preference are as follows:

o   Google Chrome version 35 or greater

o   Mozilla Firefox version 25 or greater

o   Internet Explorer version 10 or greater

o   Safari version 5 or greater

Older versions may work however the survey has not been tested extensively outside of the versions listed above.

  • The application will also function on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone:

o   For Android Devices the latest version of Google Chrome is recommended.

o   For iOS Devices the latest version of Safari is recommended.

  • Disable any software that would allow confidential survey material on student computers to be viewed on another computer during the survey. School administrators must not attempt to track which students have responded or what answers they've provided in any way, including through electronic surveillance methods.

View the Survey Day Checklist available on the Downloads page.