Steps in preparing for OHYES! 

Step 1. The Superintendent enrolls the district.

Approval by the Superintendent is requested. For schools without a Superintendent, the registration information will be sent to the Principal. If the Superintendent does not register, Principals will then be contacted.

  • Read the Superintendent Welcome and Registration emails.
  • Review and share recruitment materials available on the downloads page.
  • Decide what options are best, you may want to consult with your Principals:
    • Which schools will participate?
    • Which grades will participate? 7th and 11th grades are required. Grades 8-10 and 12 are optional.
    • Decide which version each school will administer:
      1. Full version: includes 10 sex-related questions
      2. Default version: excludes sex-related questions.
  • In your email from OHYES! click on your unique link to enroll; the application will guide you through entering your selections from above.

If you DO NOT want your schools to participate you must indicate it in the enrollment application.

At the end of the Superintendent enrollment period, if the Superintendent did not enroll or decline participation, Principals will be recruited to participate in the OHYES!

Step 2. The Principal completes the registration.

After enrollment, Principals will be emailed to complete the registration. Other school personnel cannot enroll or register a school.

  • Review the Principal Welcome and Registration email. If you did not receive a Welcome or Registration email please contact
  • In your email from OHYES! click on your unique link to complete your school's registration.
  • Identify two School Survey Coordinators to assist you. Typically schools have chosen Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors or Lead Teachers. Provide their information in the registration application.

Step 3. Select survey dates and classrooms.

Plan which classes the survey will be administered during and develop a survey schedule. You have flexibility when your school will complete the survey.

  • OHYES! is available for schools to administer  September 12th - December 21st
  • If this time frame does not work for your school, you can select other dates that work best for your school.
  • Choose dates based on your access to technology, and to use staff efficiently and minimize classroom disruptions. The survey can be administered on a single day, or across multiple days, however a reasonably short time period is preferable, such as within one week. In general, select dates that do not conflict with other school activities, particularly testing and field-trips. Some example options:
    • Cycle students through the survey on computers during English.
    • Have all students take the survey on their tablets during 2nd period.
    • 9th grade take the survey Monday, 10th grade takes the survey Tuesday, etc.
  • Choose classrooms that will be asked to participate. This will impact how many students participate. OHYES! recommends all students in any given grade participate, this is called a census (all students in the grade chosen attending that day).
    • Do not track students who were absent to have them complete the survey on an alternate day.
    • There are no rewards on penalties for the number of students participating.
  • Please call OHYES! if you have any questions about your date-selection.
  • Identify others needed to assist, including technology staff.
  • The survey takes on average about 15 minutes, however completion times will vary. Have a plan for quite student activity until everyne finishes. On average , 7th graders complete the survey in 19 minuites (68% of the students finish between 11 and 26 mins) and 12th graders complete the survey in 14 minutes (68% of the students finish between 8 and 20 mins). Virtually all students finish within 50 minutes.

Step 4. Get stakeholders and school staff excited about OHYES!

  • Communicate the importance of the OHYES! Explore strategies for obtaining support from a broad range of stakeholders including teachers, board members, and others.
  • Express appreciation to staff and teachers for their cooperation. While not all school staff may be directly involved, they may be asked questions by parents or students, so it is important to make sure they are knowledgeable and prepared.
  • Respond to teacher concerns. Some teachers may be resistant to the survey for personal reasons, or because it takes away instruction time, or complicates scheduled lesson plans. Emphasize the link between health and academic achievement and that the survey is short.

Step 5. Notify parents and students about the survey. [Passive Parent Consent]

  • Communicate the importance of the OHYES! to staff members, parents and students via emails, bulletins, town hall meetings, announcements, and school flyers, etc. Some materials are available on the downloads page to assist.
  • Plan how you will notify students and parents that your school is participating and distribute Parent Letter and Opt Out Form.
  • Customize the Parent Notification and Opt Out Form provided by OHYES!
    • Add your school's logo and Principal's name.
    • Add why the school feels the information will be helpful.
    • Determine how your school will allow parents to Opt Out. (e.g., by email or by phone call). Customize this information on t he letter/Opt Out Form.
    • Please do not rely on students to return forms.
    • Do not change any language about the survey methodology - it is required by the Department of Health Human Subjects Review Board to meet passive parental consent procedures.
    • Send the letter at least 3 weeks prior to the survey date (if possible send home 4 weeks prior).

NOTIFY PARENTS: Research shows that most parents do not object to student participation, however, they must be fully notified. Classroom distribution is not recommended for passive consent. The risk is that students will not give the forms to their parents and will be surveyed without parent awareness. 

  • Passive Consent requires schools to send the Parent Letter and Opt Out Form use multiple methods of communication that guarantee receipt (a minimum of 2 methods is required)
  • Schools Must notify parents by E-mail or Postal mail. You can use your school electronic notification system.
  • When possible, send letters with other school materials requiring signatures. For example, it could be included in the registration or enrollment materials sent to all parents in the beginning of the school year, or with the school emergency cards
  • Additional notification options include:
  • Phone calls
  • Post on the school website
  • Text alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Email the OHYES team with the methods of communication chosen by your school. 
  • You may want to include letters of support from the Superintendent or Principal.
  • Remind parents one-week prior to the survey by email that their Opt Out Forms are due to the school office.

At this time OHYES! does not have the ability to offer the survey in languages other than English. As a result, students who do not speak English cannot be included in the survey. Future versions of the survey will explore this option. These students should be included on the list of Opt Out students.

Step 6. Make the survey available

Make the survey available for staff and parents. Be sure to post the actual version that is being administered by your school.

  • The default version of the survey contains 110-items and excludes sex-related questions.
  • The full 120-item version includes all questions.
  • Both versions are available on the OHYES! website.
  • You can save a copy from the OHYES! website and then post the survey on the school or district website.
  • Since some people don't have internet access, make the survey conveniently available at the school's main office.

Step 7. Monitor Opt Out Forms

The process for collecting Opt Out forms may vary for each school. It may be better to have a single person or office responsible for monitoring refusals.

Carefully track the returned forms. Create and maintain a list of all students whose parents have chosen to opt out.

A sample Parent Opt Out List/Form is attached to the Planning Checklist and can be adapted to fit your needs. This list to ensure students whose parents have opted out, do not take the survey.

If students decline to participate during the survey, no list is needed. The Human Subjects Review Board requires that this list be kept on file at the school for 4 years.

Step 8. Protecting the rights of students being surveyed

Part of protecting students is limiting pressure to participate. Staff should share their excitement about the survey and how it can be helpful to the school. However, staff should also emphasize to students that the survey is voluntary.

There is no need to insist students participate to increase response rates. There are no penalties or rewards for achieving a certain percentage of students. All student information is valuable. Participation rates will not be posted.

Another part of protecting students is ensuring their confidentiality and anonymity. To assist, please review “Protecting Student Confidentiality and Anonymity” (later in this manual and also on the OHYES! website).

Teachers and school administrators must not attempt to track which students have responded or what answers they've provided in any way, including through electronic surveillance methods.

Please use the Survey Coordinator Planning Checklist to record when you have completed these steps and email a copy of your Planning Checklist to the OHYES team to Keep the Checklist in your records for at least 4 years; attach the Parent Opt Out Forms/Opt Out List.