OHYES! provides valuable data for schools

A growing number of children are showing up at school with a variety of health-related problems that make successful learning difficult. Gathering credible information on the scope and nature of these issues is essential to selecting strategies to improve school success and positive youth development. Research shows that cost effective youth prevention strategies should be based on local, up-to-date data—the OHYES! will give timely insight into what students self-report as their health and safety risks. 

Check the OHYES! Results page for a list of the many ways the OHYES! can benefit your school.


  Schools decide how they participate and administer the OHYES!

OHYES! participation

  • is free to Ohio schools
  • is completely voluntary
  • is approved for grades 7 – 12
  • Flexibility in which grades participate
  • Select whether to include sensitive questions
  • Have flexibility when the survey is administered

"OHYES! recruits participation every 2 years. The survey is available for schools to use annually upon request"


  Districts and schools are key partners in the success of OHYES!

The online survey is easy to administer. District and school personnel are key allies and have critical roles in ensuring the success of the OHYES!. See more...


  Steps for survey preparation 

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  Steps for survey administration 

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  Protecting student confidentiality and anonymity 

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