Report Access for Superintendents and Principals

  Report Access for Superintendents and Principals

OHYES! is pleased to announce a new way for you to receive your OHYES! results!

Ohio University has developed and produced reports for each school-year that your school(s) participated in the OHYES! These reports display the results for every question and every response answered by your students. Because no demographic variables are reported, we are able to show you even small numbers of responses. Two types of reports are available:

  • District Combined Report (district-summary, county-summary, and All OHYES-summary data)
  • School Report (school-summary data only)

Reports are available for schools that participated in the OHYES! survey from school year 2015-2016 to school year 2021-2022. Superintendents can request reports for each participating building in the district and the district as a whole. Principals can request reports for their building.

A step-by-step guide for superintendents and principals to request OHYES! reports:

  1. Download appropriate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document.
  2. Type in the required information and sign MOU with a hand-written signature. Signatures that are typed will not be accepted.
  3. Scan and email your signed MOU to the OHYES! Administrator
  4. OHYES! Administrator will review and forward your MOU to Ohio University.
  5. Ohio University will email you a link to your report(s).
  6. Your report(s) will only be posted on the secure sharing site for a limited time.  Please download reports and save to your local network or computer when you receive the link from Ohio University.

We anticipate the reports would be sent 2-4 weeks after the MOU is reviewed by OhioMHAS and fully executed by Ohio University. Please allow longer during COVID-19 working conditions.

Ohio University is not able to release district- and school-level reports to the public per their MOU with OhioMHAS. However, reports downloaded by school personnel are subject to public records request to your school district.

If you need additional results by demographic variables such as grade or gender, or need categorized responses, use the Ohio Department of Health Secure Gateway data warehouse ( Please contact OHYES for training and technical assistance, account access and password resets.

All OHYES!, County, Behavioral Health Board, and Appalachian Region summary reports are available at

We hope these data will be useful for you. For more information about your OHYES! report, please download the OHYES Quick Reference Guide for Understanding Your Report and view Video 7: How to Interpret Survey Data Tables in the OHYES! Video Series.

OHYES Quick Reference Guide for Understanding Your Report