Appalachian Regional Reports

The OHYES! has been completed every school year since 2015-2016. This website provides Appalachian regional reports to summarize the results of all of students in Ohio’s Appalachian region who participated in the OHYES! each year. Because the OHYES! is not mandatory for Ohio school districts, there are some limitations that must be kept in mind.


As a reminder, the OHYES! was designed to provide actionable local data for district superintendents and school principals based on a voluntary sample of surveyed youth. They OHYES! data were collected based on a descriptive, cross-sectional survey design, with a non-probability sampling method. The voluntary nature of the survey means that the OHYES! results are not generalizable to all Ohio youth or all youth living in Ohio’s Appalachian region. As such, the OHYES! results may not represent all students in the state of Ohio or all youth living in Ohio’s Appalachian region. Any interpretations from the OHYES! data must keep these limitations in mind. This report may not provide numbers that are an exact match the reports available on the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Public Health Data Warehouse. This is due to ODH data suppression rules and differing data subset criteria.

OHYES Quick Reference Guide for Understanding Your Report