What exactly is OHYES!


Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey (OHYES!) is a youth survey designed to measure the health risk behaviors and environmental factors that impact youth health and safety. The survey gathers information on issues like alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, unintentional and intentional injuries, physical health, activity and well-being, and related environmental risk and protective factors. 

OHYES! is an important source of needs-assessment data for school districts, community-based organizations, local health and human service agencies, and state agencies. The survey results will allow tracking of progress toward local, state and federal education and health-related goals. Trends in patterns of behavior over time may be identified using the information from the OHYES!. State-level results may also be used to compare national and other state-level results. 

State agencies, local health and behavioral health organizations, prevention providers, community coalitions, community safety networks, and others use this information to guide policies and programs that serve youth.


  Survey Content

Special care was taken in the selection of the questions and the design of the student questionnaire. Questionnaire items were derived primarily from established surveys used throughout the United States—some for more than 25 years. These surveys were subjected to scientific research regarding reliability and validity and field tested extensively.

OHYES! questions cover the following topics.

  • Demographics
  • Alcohol & Tobacco/Vapor Products
  • Marijuana 
  • Prescription Misuse and Illicit Drugs
  • Bullying, Safety & School Climate
  • Physical Health & Well-being
  • Mental Health and Suicide
  • Gambling
  • Parental Attitudes of Substance Use
  • Community, Family & Peer Factors
  • School Success

Survey participation is completely voluntary and anonymous. 

Youth respondents (or their parents/guardians) may decline to participate in the survey, skip any question they do not feel comfortable with, and may stop at any time. Every time a survey is administered, youth and parents will have the option of participation.

  Statewide Support

OHYES! represents the collaborative effort of the Ohio Departments of Education, Health and Mental Health & Addiction Services, Ohio National Guard and representatives of educational and youth serving organizations. The members below, including youth, provided valuable input into the development and administration of the survey.

       •   Ohio University's Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs   •   Ohio Children's Trust Fund
      •   The Ohio State University   •   ADE Incorporated
      •   Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio       University of Cincinnati
      •   The University of Toledo   •   Drug Free Action Alliance
          Licking County Juvenile-Probate Court   •   Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network (OYLPN) Youth Council
      •   Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program Federation     •    Youth M.O.V.E. Ohio Youth Council
      •   Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation   •    Our Futures Coalition


  Our Pledge of Confidentiality

All OHYES! information will be protected in keeping with the requirements of federal law that protects study participants. Federal law prohibits the disclosure of information which might identify any participants without consent. How do we keep your data confidential?

  • Survey are anonymous, no individual ID numbers are used.
  • Participants only enter a school ID number that applies to all the students in that school.
  • Reports describe results in aggregate, meaning data has been summed across groups of people.
  • If there are only a few people within a group (i.e. females in School A, race C) their data will not be reported.
  • All survey data will be kept safe and secure. Only county-level and district reports are publicly available. Access to school data will be available only with a password.

OHYES! has received a Confidentiality Certificate from SAMHSA. The federal Health and Human Services Agency issues this to researchers that allows them to refuse requests for information, under most circumstances. This protects the privacy and welfare of participants and prevents the release of identifiable and sensitive information about people participating in studies.

  More Questions?

Have a question that is not on this website? Email us at info@ohyes.ohio.gov or call 1-866-563-6904.